Call for professional digital learning 2017

Sustainable energy requires sustainable life-long learning

Educational products and services are just as vital to achieving a sustainable energy future as other innovative products, systems or services. Our 2017 Call for professional digital learning reflects this need for effective, life-long learning.

If you have a business idea linked to a quality educational product or service in sustainable energy, but need additional funding and a network of partners to develop it, then this is your opportunity. Note that as well as being a pure, fee-based online offering, it can also include products or services offered on-campus or on-site at companies. Blended courses combining virtual tutoring classes or coaching services with traditional teaching are also welcome.

A Professional Digital Learning proposal should address at least one of the educational topics.

It will be assessed for its:

Benefits of participation

Who can apply?

Any organisation (university, research institute or company) * with fresh ideas on how to develop a Professional digital learning product or service is invited to submit a proposal, considering the InnoEnergy’s educational topics. The applying consortium must include partners with the required expertise, i.e., both thematic and online course development, to fulfil the intended goal of the course. If some of the required expertise is lacking, InnoEnergy can recommend additional partners to fulfil the goal and the needed requisites for the proposal to be elected. Individual organizations can also apply to this call.

* Proposals can be submitted either by InnoEnergy formal, associate or project partners, or by organisations that are not currently partners of InnoEnergy.

What is InnoEnergy looking for?

Professional Digital Learning products based on the MOOC learning methodology, are fee-based, high-quality courses driven by inspiring professors and industry experts. These products pursue the goal of financial sustainability, for both InnoEnergy and developing partners.

This type of digital educational products help us better promote life-long learning serving individuals who use online courses to advance their careers as well as organisations that support the continuous learning of their workforce.

Professional online courses cover the areas of sustainable energy, innovation and entrepreneurship. See our Thematic Fields in sustainable energy to know more about the different addressable topics in sustainable energy.

Pre-requisites of the educational proposal

How to find out more

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more. Contact details here.