Educational topics

InnoEnergy is interested in high quality training content on business and/or technology related to sustainable energy: the Professional Digital Learning Educational Topics are linked to InnoEnergy’s thematic areas:

Nevertheless, any proposal within the Sustainable Energy innovation and entrepreneurship thematic will be encouraged. Please contact the EDU Officer in your country and/or the Learning Module and MOOC Coordinator about your intention to submit a proposal (see the contact information in the contacts section).

Energy Storage

As technology develops so does energy storage. Finding new ways to distribute, generate and transmit energy is always evolving in both large and small scale project

  • Battery systems
  • Thermal Storage
  • ...

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Renewable Energies

Play a role in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and continue to develop new and more cost efficient forms of renewable energy.

  • Renewable applications in industry
  • ...

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Smart and Electric Grid

Help create new solutions to the electricity grid to deliver a low-cost, safe and secure power supply.

  • Digitalisation of Electrical System
  • Cybersecurity for Cricital Energy Infrastracture

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Smart and Efficient buildings and cities

The world's sustainable development is reliant on energy-efficient buildings and cities. Support energy-positive behaviours witch your innovations here.

  • Electric Mobility, V2G integration
  • Internet of things
  • ...

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Energy Efficiency

Carbon emissions in the home and at work account for 50% of the EU's energy consumption. Help us discover new innovations to fight emissions

  • Big Data, Analytics for Utilities
  • Winter Package
  • Regulation
  • [Single] Market Design Initiative
  • ...

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Clean Coal and Gas Technologies

Coal and gas still have a major role to play in our energy supply, and we are looking for innovations that can reduce emissions and make the best use of fossil fuels

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Nuclear Instrumentation

Demand is growing for innovative, advanced instrumentation and measurement methods, in order to increase reliability, performance and competitiveness od reactors.

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Energy from Chemical Fuels

Energy from chemical fuels plays a major role in the energy challange and we are lookieng for new ways to improve and upgrade these processes for greater effciency.

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